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About Us

Welcome to our online store.

The Bringing Up MOJO brand reflects the sentiments of its creator, Max Jacobs. 

You see, Max always had big dreams and by many standards achieved a lot of success, particularly in his career and, with mixed results, in business.

He has admired and often emulated people in his life who have inspired him by their commitment and hard work. Especially, he has revered those who successfully balanced raising a family with other demands and challenges life delivered based on their choices.

And this was an important balance for Max, but one he was not particularly good at maintaining.

In retrospect, the reasons for this inability to balance work and family may vary greatly from one person to another. However, for Max it was the most important (and maybe the most difficult) task he faced: growing a family and doing his part to shape the next generation of mankind.

It takes time, commitment and devotion, and though we are often late to realize it, the most precious resource we have is time. If we do not take the time, or if we allow other interests to overshadow our most important tasks, or if we cannot find a balance between living our lives and raising our family, we run the risk of ending our days with many regrets. That is sad indeed!

Expressions of Love - Gifts of Devotion.

Bringing Up MOJO was created to ensure parents could save time from busy careers and other commitments. By offering online family shopping for clothing, toys, and other items for babies, toddlers, teens, youth, moms and dads, our store not only saves precious time for parenting but also offers items that clearly express a parent's love and devotion. Expressions of Love - Gifts of Devotion.

Our store is in pre-launch stage and for it's initial offering features 'Child Safety' products that help parents protect their most precious gifts of all - their children. These products are now being offered in the United States only and eventually we look forward to serving parents all over the world.

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